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Horan-Enya – Matsue Jozan Inari-Jinja Shikinen Shinkousai Festival

Jozan Inari-Jinja Shikinen Shinkousai
The Jozan Inari-Jinja Shikinen Shinkousai Festival, commonly known as Horan-Enya, is centred on the Jozan Inari Shrine in the grounds of Matsue Castle. The Divine Spirit enshrined in the Inari Shrine is transferred 10km to Adakaya Shrine in Higashi Izumo via boat. After one week of praying for a good harvest and happiness for the people of Matsue, it is returned to the Inari Shrine.
Around 370 years ago, it was predicted that the fickle weather in the Izumo Province would cause a poor harvest in crops such as rice. The lord of the domain, Matsudaira Naomasa, was concerned about this and ordered prayer for a favourable harvest. The prayers were answered and it became a tradition to repeat this ceremony every 10 years.



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