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Japanese family family living in Bologna, Italy .Manekineko no kai

On the Wednesday, April 19, when the gentle season became heartwarming by the soft spring breeze, the 65th open reading hearing session was held. Energetic children gathered to the Sarahboros child library in Bologna City. At the meeting, “Bobby and Sliding” work: Takahata Junko Picture: Takahata Jun Kodansha (Sarah Borsa Collection), Picture Story “Mezaka no Megumi” Works: Hiroshi Taka Kita Picture: Nakagawa Michiko Children’s Company (Paperback) It was.

“Bobby and slide” is a story that it is increasingly impossible to encourage things that can not be done or to support them. Perhaps, this experience may be on everyone. Many animals cheerfor the pig boobies who can not slide along the slide, but it is Booby who is increasingly frightenedand disappointed looking at it. While contrasting with Booby, it overlapped with the feelings of children who wanted to cheer with animals and invited a big laugh

I wonder if you keep such a small fish? A picture-story show from the question of “Meza no Mame-chan”. It may not be familiar to Meaka in Italy too much. However, while listening to the stories of the brothers who swima little in the stream, the children pointed to the colleagues in the water world and said, “There are insects that I have seen!” “I know!” With a loud voice He taught me and heard it in a peaceful mood. ORIGAMI labo has “frog” that is also a famous person who lives in such a river.


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