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Kure Navy Cemetery A memorial service

Kure Navy Cemetery Joint Memorial Ceremony took place on September 23rd Autumnal Equinox Day, Navy Cemetery in Kamonosaki Town, Kure City. About 1,200 people related to the bereaved families and the Maritime Self-Defense Force pray for the souls of about 130,000 people who have warred 92 ship memorial monuments.

The IEP has been actively promoting the activities of international peace exchanges and invited me to participate. There was a wonderful encounter. It was the fellow who was fighting at the best of 75 years ago in front of the memorial monument at the top of heavy cruiser. Mr. Ueda 99 years old Mr. Kato 95 years old (Yamaguchi prefecture) Kyoto city) I was pleased to see each other again for the first time in decades. I thought that my warrior was wonderful, I was impressed. Please see the photos of the memorial service will be posted.

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