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Peace declaration [2016 (2016)]

Peace declaration

8:15am August 6 in 1945. The “absolute vice” which has no cases that the mankind experienced formerly tore the clear blue sky, and was set by Hiroshima free and burned a town out over the moment. I slaughtered the people who are also innocent from a child to elderly and took the noble life as much as 140,000 by the annual dusk including people and a prisoner of U.S. forces in Korean Peninsula, China and South East Asia.

In the discrimination the people who just survived are pinched with an obstacle of radiation, too, and which are getting a job and marriage, sou (Well.)()The deep bruise carried on a mind and body is here and doesn’t still go off. It was beautiful and reborn as a peaceful town, but Hiroshima destroyed up doesn’t return to the scenery of the that day and Kawabe taken by “absolute vice” away and the traditional culture by which he lived and was brought up with history again.

The man who is 17 years old then, a “black burned body, a road, fort(Bunch)GI and a smell are a nose.Opposition (TSU)As far as I came and it was looked around, Hiroshima in a sea of the fire was hell on earth.”. I tell. The lady who is 18 years old then, “I was bloodily and there were a person from whom skin in the back was hung to a foot and a person who purchases water and cries in the neighborhood.”, I look back.

From that a nuclear weapon beyond 15,000 shots by which the earth can destroy itself easily still exceeds power of the atomic bomb which brought that heavy damage in the world in 71, and exists. A large number of events and accidents which can come to nuclear war and a nuclear blast will be clearly, and there is also fear of use by a terrorist.

The man who explained that it was hell on earth when we made this reality the front, says “To respect the life and send a happy life by Heiwa, the future world mankind will cooperate in everyone.”, of the lady who called and became bloody, “To fulfil the life to which it was given, people in the next generation cry not to need a nuclear weapon by everyone, please.”, I have to catch an appeal and start further action. And I have to exert my effort aiming at the world which “lives together” while admitting various senses of values each other.

The OBAMA president who called on Hiroshima for the first time as incumbent president in an atomic bombing country in May of this year complained “I had to have the courage which runs away from the countries where a stone is possessed from logic of fear and pursues the world which has no nuclear weapons like my own country.” That caught a cry from the heart to which a survivor of the atomic bombing says “You’re supposed to make no one else do such concern.” and showed the “passion” which confronts extinction of the nuclear weapon which still keeps existing to people of the world including United States of America. And uh, Hiroshimas’s thought that “absolute vice” isn’t permitted was evidence of the case that a OBAMA president has received.

Shouldn’t you do “solidarity” with “passion” and start action based on Hiroshimas’s expectation for us to put the reason which erases the “absolute vice” which is the end of non-humanity from this world now? The Minister of Foreign Affairs of G7 gathered round Hiroshima for the first time this year, and the declaration I ask to appeal Hiroshima Nagasaki visit to a ruler of the world beyond the viewpoint as the country and the country I don’t have with the nuclear weapon and achieve nuclear disarmament duty to bargain based on coming into effect and the Treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons early stage of early entry into the CTBT was announced. Indeed this is one step for “solidarity”.

I have to make such “solidarity” something firmer and have them meet with mechanism making of trust and security by a dialogue with “passion” for a ruler. Therefore I request a ruler of each country to visit a bomb site once more. I’m convinced that it leads to decision expression after I never liked that, engraved the real fact of bombing on my memory and shared the pain of the survivor of the atomic bombing and the grief, as a OBAMA president showed the visit at Hiroshima.

Time to tell the experience with raw voice becomes little beyond 80 years old for the average age of the survivor of the atomic bombing. The power of everyone in the generation young is also necessary to be telling and be spreading expectation of a survivor of the atomic bombing and a word for the future. Hiroshima and Nagasaki will take the leading part in the world scale later, and a leader city beyond 20 promotes young people’s exchange in all part area of the world for the Mayors for Peace I compose at a city beyond 7000 of the world. And I’ll make sure that the young generation can share the expectation to confront nuclear weapon extinction and begin behavior in detail.

The world which has no nuclear weapons “is achieved certainly” at this Hiroshima’s place, I expect Prime Minister Abe who expressed a decision to show leadership with a OBAMA president. The world which has no nuclear weapons is also the world which embodies the noble pacifism the Constitution of Japan puts up, and legal framework of nuclear weapon prohibited becomes indispensable to make the realization something certain. The average age nestles close to anguish of many people who hold pain in a mind and body by influence of radiation including a survivor of the atomic bombing beyond 80 years old in Japanese Government, and the aid package is enriched as well as I ask to expand “black rainy rainfall area” hard.

I promise that we turn expectation to the realization which offers a truth of a sorrow from a heart to A-bomb victim’s spirit of the dead person newly and takes a hand with bomb site Nagasaki, and is nuclear weapon extinction and the world lasting peace as well as people of the world and do the power today.


August 6 (2016), 2016.

Mayor Hiroshima Kazumi Matsui


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