Welcome to Hiroshima

We are a non-profit organization known as IEP College. Our objectives are: international exchange, environment and the promotion of peace. We are sending out the message of our activities from Hiroshima to make as many new friends as possible to promote these objectives.

As a part of our services, we are passing out a free booklet called, “Hiroshima Restaurant and Café Map” to foreign visitors. We are promoting delicious dishes served in Hiroshima, famous landmarks and places you can relax.

When you have returned home to your country, we would like to hear your opinions about Hiroshima. In return, we would love to receive information about your country and city. We believe that we are one united world and want to continue to be friends and communicate with one another. Please make Hiroshima a second hometown for you and your family. We hope to hear from you.

The NPO IEP College is funded by supporters and donations from people like you. We hope to have everyone’s continued support.

IEP College Concepts

International 国際交流

These days,globalization is common,as is interchange across borders in every field.It is becoming almost impossible for one country to be self sufficient. We think international cooperation is based on cross-cultural understanding,so it is time to internationalize. We advocate international exchange for better understanding, symbolizing the 21st Century.

Environment 環境

One of our most important duties is to maintain an accessible global environment,not only for humans but for all life on Earth. The Earth itself,the source of all life,is being threatened by environmental disruption.Natural habitats and the environment must be protected for the future of all living creatures. Human beings are above all responsible for this danger.If we do not stop exploiting natural resources for only human gain, the situation cannot be rectified. We support a better environment for the Earth.

Peace 平和

It goes without saying that Hiroshima City ,where the first atomic bomb in the history of the world was dropped,is an important symbol of peace worldwide. Unfortunately,in many parts of the world,war and dispute has not ended in the 70 years following World War Ⅱ. In addtion,some countries still possess nuclear weapons. We believe that it is Hiroshima`s civic duty and right to continue appealing for peace,so that one day in the future peace may be known by all.Continuing to support peace shows strength, and is everyone`s duty. We support peace,to improve lives.

Our Activities