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Yokota-ya, a place for rest

The NPO IEPCollege has opened Yokotaya as a resting place in Seracho. I want to make the old private house a place where I can enjoy it with everyone. Please provide any good ideas.

(Environment) In front of the wide countryside. The mountain behind is the ruins of Ryuo Castle. The castle lord is Toyoji Mouri (grandfather of Motonari Mori in the 1470s), Hiromoto Motori (father of Motonari Mori in the 1500s), Motonari Mouri (from the 1530s to 1571) Nagata in Sera Town, which has a history of the Sengoku period Yokosaka. In addition, there is Yokosaka Tenmangu Shrine with an old history. Sera has many attractions. There is also a 140-year-old café and repo nearby where you can enjoy drinks and meals.



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